The family in charge of this brewery and Italian grill restaurant, have been trying to perfect the art of cooking for their whole lives. Victor Sr. and Victor Jr. Rallo had started the Italian Grill and Brewery as a way to share their skills with cooking traditional Italian foods and beverages. And it was also a way for them to hone their skills in cooking traditional Italian cuisine. And since then, this Italian restaurant has been one of the most famous and well-known places to eat at, in the state of New Jersey. Basil T has had a long history of serving fine cuisine throughout the many years that it has been open.

Basil T is an Italian grill and brewery that prides itself in the authenticity of the food that it serves. You will be able to rest assured in the finest quality of ingredients that are being used in each and every one of our dishes. You will also be glad to know that we use ingredients that are part of the original recipes that are used in Italy itself. So if you want to be able to dine on truly authentic Italian cuisine, look no further than Basil T. You will be able to taste some of the best Italian cooking that you have ever had in your life.

We also pride ourselves in the authentic Italian atmosphere in our restaurants. You should be able to feel a truly unique ambiance if you visit one of our locations in New Jersey. All of our decors, in the restaurant and even our menus, have got a deep root in the tradition of Italian culture. And yo will find that our decor and restaurant have got a lot of influences from Italian food culture. And this is one of the reasons that we have been praised as one of the best Italian dining experiences in the area. Both our great tasting food and excellent ambiance have made us one of the most popular Italian restaurants around.

Our dishes are all homemade. And that includes the ingredients that we use at the restaurant as well. Our mozzarella cheese, which is used as part of our food dressing and as part of our desserts as well, are all made within the restaurant itself. The dough that is used for our pizzas and bread are also produced and baked within the restaurant as well. We are very well-known for our prosciutto dish, which you can also rest assured is made out of organic and locally sourced produce. You should be able to taste really dishes, that are only made from the finest ingredients around.

Pizzas, pasta, and many other kinds of traditional Italian dishes will be served at our place. We are a family-friendly restaurant that can serve even food that your picky children will love. And not only are we using the best and freshest ingredients, we are also using traditional Italian methods of cooking to prepare your food as well.

We promise that you will feel like you have been transported to Italy itself, the moment that you enter our restaurant. The smells and tastes of our various authentic Italian dishes are all guaranteed to make you feel just as if you are dining in Italy itself. The mouthwatering dishes that you get to sample at our place are going to make you wish that you had more room for seconds in your stomach.

The brewery in the restaurant also produces some really award-winning beers. If you would like to drink a homebrewed bottle of beer, then you can do so at Basil T. We have got a lot of beers that have been made at our brewery that is attached to the restaurant. We have got original beer blends that should make you feel as if you have drunk the best bottle of beer in your life. And we also chill all of our bottles of beer to perfection as well. We also have got an extensive wine cellar that has got a lot of different labels and vintages of wine. So if you want to sample one of our wine bottles, you can just look at our wines list.

We are a very established Restaurant in Monmouth County, New Jersey. So if you would like to book us for events, you had better do it in advanced, since we are jam packed all of the time. You may head on over to our contact page if you want to make a reservation.