At Basil Ts, you will also be able to order a bunch of house brewed beers. There is a brewery that is attached to the restaurant. And our beer brews are noted amongst the local population. Some of the beers that we brew are well-loved by our regular customers. And we have been brewing our own beer recipes for as long as Basil Ts has been open, which has been for more than 25 years now! You should try out some of our house brewed beers if you want to sample some fine handcrafted beers that are based on authentic European recipes.

All of our beers that are on tap are made directly in the restaurant that you are out. And we current have as many as several different beers that are on tap at our restaurant. Basil Ts is also proud to be known as the home of America’s largest mug club. If you are part of that club, then you must visit Basil Ts. We have got a special brew of our handcrafted beer just for you!

These are some of the beers that we currently have ready on tap at the restaurant. There are also seasonal beer brews that we may not serve, during particular times of the year due to the fact that some ingredients for our beer brews are not available year round. You may want to sample a mug or two of the beers that we have.

Miss Lucy’s Weimaraner Wheat beer – This is a beer that is filtered using an American method of preparation. It has got a real clean taste that should be refreshing to anyone that samples a mug of this beer. This wheat beer has a light blond color with a taste that is topped with Saaz hops. This beer has got an alcohol content of 4.5%

Rosie’s Tale Waggin’ Pale Ale – Set your tail wagging with this ale that has got an alcohol content of 5.25%. It is made from Cascade hops that have been fermented in a cool place to achieve a very crisp and dry taste.

XXX Summer Ale – Only available during the summer, this is our lightest beer brew yet. It has got a lemon taste to it that should add a very refreshing taste to your mouth when you sample a mug of this handcrafted beer.

Maxwell’s Dry Stout – This is a traditional Stout beer that has been made with roasted barley. So it has got a very bitter and dense taste to it. Despite being such a bitter beer brew, it will still have a very creamy aftertaste. We have also added a bit of coffee to the mix of the brew to create a complex taste. This is one of our award-winning beer brews at Basil Ts.

Please ask our wait staff and servers if we have got certain brews that are available. Sometimes we do run out of certain brews, and it may not be known until the last minute.