Please contact us if you would like to make a reservation. We accept reservations for parties, however, you must call us in advance if you would like to reserve a spot in our restaurant. Please understand that we are very busy and that you will have to call at least several hours ahead of time if you would like to make a reservation. This will give us more than ample time to prepare for your dinner or lunch reservation And if you want to cancel your reservation, we ask that you also call at least a 2 hours beforehand to cancel it. If you call past that, then we will charge a reservation cancellation fee.

We also have got private function rooms that you can make use of if you would like to host a large party or event. Please call our number or send us an email if you would like to discuss more options regarding the kinds of function rooms that we offer our customers. You may also contact us for further information about the prices that we charge for our function rooms. Please note that we reserve the right to refuse service or the use of our function rooms, based on the kind of event that you are holding.

You may also call us if you wish to purchase our homebrewed beers in bulk. We offer better pricing for wholesale purchases of our beers. And we also offer catering services as well. Just give us a call and we will discuss more those services with you.