This is the events page for Basil Ts. If you are wondering if there are any events or restaurant celebrations that will be held, then you should read on more below. The various events that are going to be coming will be continually updated here. And we offer special prices or special menu items that are available on those specific dates as well. You would not want to miss out on any of these events that are going to happen at Basil Ts. Our events schedule is jam-packed with entertaining events that you can attend only at Basil Ts restaurant.

To celebrate American Independence day, we are holding a special month-long event at Basil Ts. We will be offering all of our wine label menu items at half the price! That is right, you can drink any of our authentic Italian vintage label wines for half the normal cost. As long as you visit Basil Ts and order some wine this month of July. We may not be setting off any fireworks at Basil Ts, but we are certainly still are going to be celebrating in style this July. You can bring a whole group of your friends along to enjoy our wine and celebrate Independence day this July.

Join is for Superbowl weekend this upcoming Sunday, as we celebrate with a restaurant-wide NFL football viewing party. We will be holding this NFL football event by serving Italian Tapas at Basil Ts. You can celebrate the beginning of NFL Season with us at Basil Ts, by joining us for Italian Tapas this Sunday. We charge just $6 dollars for each Tapas dish. And we also will be serving other dishes, such as meatball sliders, calamari fritti, chicken wings, and lots of authentic Italian pizza as well.

Our restaurant events may be subject to change, so it is important that you call us ahead of time to check whether or not we are open or holding the event specifically for that day. We apologize if that may cause any inconvenience to you, however, there may be unforeseen events that could force us to halt any special event at Basil Ts.

You could also check our section about the specific entertainment events that we could be holding at Basil Ts. We regularly have live music playing at our restaurant, so you may want to check out some of the local performers who will be coming to Basil Ts. You could be able to enjoy some really tasty Italian dishes along with some really excellent live music. We have got a bunch of performers already scheduled to appear on the weekends, these next few coming months.

It is really worth it to come visit us at Basil Ts if you are looking for a great time. During these special events at our restaurant, certain menu items will be served specifically for that day. And we may even offer special prices for some of our menu items, such as our wine labels. So what are you waiting for? If you are free on the day of an event that we are holding at Basil Ts, you must visit us. We guarantee that you will not regret stopping by Basil Ts Italian restaurant and grill.