We rotate our menus here at Basil Ts, in order to ensure that you have got a lot of variety to choose from. We have got a lunch and dinner menu that you can choose from if you want to eat a specific kind of dish. Our menu also has seasonal additions that are rotated according to the availability of the ingredients. You should check out the current seasonal menu here on this page if you want to check if one kind of dish is available. Or you could also inquire to our waiters, to check which menu items could be currently available.

Lunch Menu:

Below is a list of the sample dishes that we have available on our lunch menu.

Grilled seasonal vegetables, Price:  $16

Mozzarella Carozza with pesto comes in two sizes. Your choice of side dishes Price: $15

You can add these dishes to any salad of your choice: Chicken or Shrimp Spedini, just add $5

Calamari Fritti, made with fresh squid lightly fried, Price: $16

Napoletana Pizza, with extra virgin olive oil. Price: $18

Margherita Pizza, made with homemade Mozzarella cheese. Price $19.

Meatball Pizza Price: $19

You can click here if you would like to read more about the menu items that we have got available for lunch. Be sure to ask the waiter for the availability of the item as well, if you are wondering if you can order them.

Dinner Menu:

Here are some of the foods that we have got available on our dinner menu. There are a few additions to the dinner items that are not on the lunch menu. You should also take note of the fact, that dinner menu items cannot be ordered during lunch, as they will need to be prepared in advance.

MelanzaneParmigiana Pizza topped with mozzarella cheese, fried European eggplant, and grape tomatoes. Price $19

Prosciutto and Arugula Pizza topped with prosciutto di Parma and Arugula, after being cooked. Price $20

Pollo al Mattone, chicken breast and leg grilled using a brick, with salsa verde sauce and a side dish of fried potatoes. Price: $19

Halibut, freshly caught from the East Coast and served with tomatoes, olives, capers, and calamari. Price $23

Orecchiette, this dish is made specifically inside the restaurant and served with housemade sausages, and cooked with garlic, beans and olive oil. Price $26

Salmone, salmon caught from Skuna bay and grilled. Served with leeks, white wine, and thyme. And has a side dish of mushroom risotto. Price $30

Seasonal Menu

This is a sample list of some of the seasonal items that are available on our menu. The availability of these seasonal menu items will change depending on the time of the year, so ask our servers if a specific season menu item is available or not.

Brasato Panini a short rib cooked slowly over a fire, and served with gorgonzola cheese, comes with pepper salad. Price $15.

VerduraGriglia, grilled mixed vegetables, serves 2 people. Price: $19

House made ravioli comes with any of these special seasonal orders that you have as well. You can check out our menu at the restaurant if you want to check out an exact list of seasonal items that we have available for you to order.