At Basil Ts, we carry a bunch of award winning wines. In fact, our wine collection is the most extensive out of any Italian restaurants in our area. And we carry authentic and vintage aged Italian wine in our cellar. You can order one of our wines if you are looking to drink some fine liquor. We have got a little over 400 different labels of Italian wine. And we carry even more bottles of wine in our restaurant. You should check out our wine list if you would like to sample some great tasting wine to go along with your dinner.

Italy is famous for the wines that it produces. There are over 27,000 wine producers in the country alone. And all of those wine producers work with a variety of more than 2,000 grapes. And with all those grape variants to work with, all of those wine producers are able to make some superb blends of wines. And the wine producing region around Italy has been making some really excellent vintage wines since the middle of the 90’s. Those same wine producers have been producing some great vintage wine up until the mid-2000’s as well. And from 1995 to 2006, we have collected some really great tasting vintage wines from that region in Italy.  You will be able to order one of those bottles of one straight from our menu if you would like to drink one of them.

We carry both white and red wines on our menu. Just ask the waiter for the night if you wish to see our wine menu at our restaurant. We charge either for a glass or bottle of wine that you order. You can also look up the list of wines that we have currently available at Basil Ts. This web page will give you a short list of some o the wines that we have available, and we even list down the prices for each bottle or glass that you order as well.

White Wine

  1. Montefresco Pinot Grigio, the year 2015. You can order a glass for $8, or order the whole bottle for $25.
  2. ArgiolasCostamolino, the year 2015. The price for a glass of this white wine is $9, and a bottle for it cost $27.
  3. Maculan Chardonnay, the year 2015. Purchase a glass of this wine for $9, and you can also get a bottle of it for $27.
  4. Masi Soave Classico, the year 2014. You can order a glass for the price of $10, and get a bottle for the price of $30

Red Wine

  1. Li VeliPrimonero, the year 2015. Get a glass of this wine for $9, and a bottle of it for $25.
  2. MasiValpolicella, the year 2012. Order a glass of this red wine at $9, you may also drink a bottle of this red wine at a price of $27.
  3. Luigi D’Allesandro Syrah, the year 2012. Drink a glass of this wine for $9, and drink a bottle of it for $28.
  4. Vigonole Chianti Classico, the year 2010. You can order this wine for $10 a glass, or $30 for a bottle.

The availability of our wines is subject to change. You may also pay a higher price to gain access to wines in our cellar. Please ask our servers to inquire more about the wine labels that we offer.