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Are you a fan of Italian food and beer/wine? If so then you should definitely consider visiting our Italian Grill and brewery. We offer the finest Italian cuisine and top-notch beer and wine for an excellent combination.

Many restaurants are just about cooking food for customers. There’s nothing wrong with that per se since it’s what restaurants are all about. However, at our restaurant food isn’t just something we serve. Instead, it’s a way of life. We’ve spent our entire life improving and perfecting Italian cuisine. If you want to experience this aim for perfection then you should visit our restaurant.

We have a menu and ambiance that’s all about tradition. We want to continue that tradition by serving our customer’s tasty dishes that are based on this tradition. That includes everything from the sauces and cheese to dressings and desserts. We also feature award-winning beers and wines.

Basilt Wines

It all starts when you walk through the entrance of our restaurant. You’ll feel like you’ve been transported to Italy via the antipasto bar in the middle of the dining room. That’s where you can find all sorts of imported ingredients including tomatoes, cheese, and others. In fact, you’ll be surprised that these items are just getting you started.

Afterward, when you’re given a menu you’ll be ready to start the main course. That includes all sorts of pizzas, pasta including ravioli, and others. The menu also includes many meats, fish, and seafood products. We always hand-pick these items so you’ll have the best items available.

If you’re a fan of wines you can also choose from several high-quality varieties that we offer. That includes wines that originate from certain locations in Italy. Our employees will help you to pick the right ones for your meal. For example, certain red wines are a good option for meat dishes, while white wines are a better choice if you’re eating fish or chicken.

Our main goal is to provide you with the best dining experience possible. As stated we don’t want to just provide you with a dining experience. We want you to have an experience as if you’ve actually been transported to Italy. All the steps we take are to achieve that goal.

We also have several options for your dessert. From start to finish we want the entire meal to be one that you won’t forget. Choose from our list of authentic Italian desserts that will help to finish off the meal. A tasty dessert is the best way to finish the meal. We have many to pick from. They’ll help you to end your “trip” to Italy and hopefully.

We also offer a wide variety of award-winning beer. So if you’re not a fan of wine you can also enjoy one of the high-quality beers that are on our menu. It’s yet another way we try to provide you with an excellent experience. We encourage you to return to our restaurant soon.

Basilt Beers

You might not know it but this is actually the second restaurant in the chain. It won several awards for the menu, wine list, and atmosphere. It’s also widely considered one of the top bars in the entire county. The bar has many options. They include micro-brewed beers and excellent wines. These beverages will help complement your food and make your dining experience the best it can be. Our staff will help to pick the right drinks during your stay at our restaurant.

Do you want to catch a sporting event or TV show while you’re at our restaurant? If so you can do that on our huge plasma TVs. This will help to improve your dining experience since you catch some TV while enjoying your meal.

Our Mug Club is also one of the biggest ones in the country. It has more than 1,000 members! If you join the club you’ll get a free t-shirt from our restaurant/bar. This will allow you to celebrate the 25th anniversary of our restaurant chain.

We can also help with any upcoming events you have. If you want to provide excellent Italian food and quality beer/wine then you should definitely consider having your event at our restaurant. The reason we’ll help to provide your guests with the best experience possible.

Basilt Event

It doesn’t matter if it’s a small or large group. We can help to cater the meal and provide an experience they won’t soon forget. Make sure to book your event early enough and especially during the summer or holiday season.

Our restaurant/bar is an excellent venue for your events because of the food and ambiance we provide. Whether you’re entertaining clients or having a family reunion we can help to make it one of the most memorable dining experiences the group has ever had. Just make sure to contact us early enough to make sure you can reserve the restaurant for that day.

You should also keep visiting our site from time to time. That’s because we offer all sorts of content that can improve your dining experience. For example, your group can enjoy a tasty dinner with quality beer/wine, and dessert. That’s just the start. You can also enjoy our restaurant’s many plasma TVs, which will also help to improve your experience. It will be one that you won’t soon forget.

It’s important to keep visiting our site. That’s because we’re always adding convent including articles, videos, and so on. Make sure to check out our blog. There you can find the latest and greatest news/info about our company. It will help to make your dining experience at our restaurant the best it can be.

The Menu Card

Check out some of our most recent posts. There you can learn the latest news/info about our restaurant. We frequently add new posts so make sure to keep visiting our site you can read our new posts. For example, sometimes we add new dishes, beers, and wines to our menu. If you’re a fan of our restaurant then you’ll want to know about those changes. We’re also expanding our sous vide cooking section in collaboration with the Sous Vide Wizard, to include the best sous vide machine reviews, recipes, tips, and tricks.

Make sure to visit our restaurant to enjoy all these benefits. The experience will transport you to Italy from the antipasto bar to your dessert.